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What You Need To Know About The Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

If you are looking for an effective and affordable way to transform coconut shell waste into charcoal, you need to invest in a coconut shell charcoal making machine. The machine is affordable and it produces a lot of charcoal quickly. It helps to save the environment because you don’t need to put the coconut shell waste in the landfills. The machine doesn’t use a lot of power or energy and it can quickly convert tons of coconut shells into charcoal that you can sell or use in other ways.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Plant

The machine comes in a variety of sizes and it can quickly convert the shells into charcoal. The machine does everything and it even dries the coconut shells before they go through the process so there are no problems.


The machine can handle every part of the coconut shell charcoal manufacturing process and the machine is designed to keep the heat in the interior of the machine so the outside doesn’t get hot. The machine is going to stay cool so no one gets hurt when they use it. The machine is made with stainless steel parts and it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.


This machine is built to last and it features a stainless steel design that makes the entire machine more efficient. The coconut shells have to be heated to a very high temperature so they can be converted to charcoal. The process is fast and it is very efficient. The machine does everything from drying to coconut waste to pressing the charcoal into bricks.

Coconut Shell Briquettes Making Machine

Beston Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine for Sale

The machine is inexpensive to operate which will keep your utility costs down and ensure that the machine is more affordable. The machine can convert any type of coconut shells into charcoal as long as the pieces are under 20mm. When you run the machine it is important that the moisture content is under 50 percent. You will have to dry the shells before you run them through the machine so you get the most charcoal out of the shells. Besides, if you want to get the charcoal briquettes directly from the machine, you can click “how to make coconut shell charcoal briquettes“.


The charcoal can be used as fuel. The charcoal can also be used in factories and to run a barbeque. The charcoal can also be used to create bricks for roads. The charcoal can even be used to amend and fertilize soil. The charcoal making plant is essential when you want to produce charcoal and you can produce large quantities of charcoal with this plant.

The charcoal plant allows you to get a lot done and the plant is going to provide you with a very efficient way to produce charcoal that allows you to get a lot of work done. The charcoal is going to make it easy to run machinery and it can also be sold. If you want to ensure that you get a lot done you need to use charcoal making machine. The machine is a great investment and it allows you to get a lot of charcoal made quickly. The machine helps the environment and you will get a big return on your investment.

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What Is A Fair Price For A Charcoal Making Machine?

Starting a charcoal making business is not something you do overnight. You must choose the right equipment and make a few important business decisions first. When you are ready to buy a charcoal making equipment, one of the first questions that will come to your mind is, what is a fair price for the machine?

Beston Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

Beston Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

This is where our discussion is going to get a little difficult. We need to first determine what form of charcoal you intend to produce and what raw materials you are going to use. Are you going to produce charcoal briquettes? Were you planning to sell charcoal dust for use as activated charcoal? Are you going to use sawdust, coconut shells, bamboo or some other form of biomass to produce your charcoal?

Let’s start off by talking about a machine to turn your choice of biomass into raw charcoal. These machines burn, or convert, your biomass into charcoal using intense heat. They produce charcoal which has no predetermined size or shape, so is not ready for sale. Machines of this type can range in price from approximately $18,000 USD to almost $500,000 USD.

Why is there such a wide variation in prices? It is due to the volume of charcoal the machines can produce. An $18,000 unit will be much smaller in size and produce low volumes of charcoal. It is usually ideal for a small business who is producing charcoal for local customers. The larger units are used by manufacturing plants who produce large amounts of charcoal and distribute their products.

This one piece of equipment will not be enough to put you in the charcoal making business. You need to be able to convert the raw charcoal into other forms for sale. This is done with one of three types of machines. Let’s discuss each one briefly. The rice husk carbonizer for sale is popular among these machines.

Charcoal Making Machine

Beston Charcoal Making Machine for Sale

A molding machine allows you to form charcoal into a variety of smaller shapes. The pieces can even include holes. A pressure ball machine is used to make the types of charcoal most commonly used in the USA for outdoor grilling. The last piece of equipment is the briquette machine. It forms the charcoal into extruded shapes that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

These additional pieces or equipment can range in price from around $1,000 to over $5,000. This will depend on the types of charcoal pieces you intend to produce and the volume you need to make per day. Review more about this machine.

From what you have just seen, you can potentially start your charcoal making business for under $25,000 for a lower production shop, or it could cost well over $200,000 for higher production shops.

The best way to determine an accurate cost for your needs is to contact a company who makes charcoal making equipment. They will listen to your needs, your business plans, and then recommend the equipment necessary to meet your needs. Do not forget to tell them what types of raw materials you will be using, so they can provide the best advice. Getting started in the charcoal business may not be cheap, but it is a business that continues to have high-demand year-after-year. This web CarbonationMachine.NET provides different advice for you.