What Do You Do With The Products Produced By Waste Tyre Recycling Plants?

Your investment in a waste tyre recycling plant is going to generate three products. What are they? They are the steel wire, which can be recycled, the tire oil or pyrolysis oil, which can be used to fuel the plant and carbon black. The tire oil can also be further refined into fuel and sold as well. But wait, what’s this carbon black and what are its uses?

That’s a good question. If you are going to be generating products from recycled tires, you certainly want to know what to do with those products. You might also be wondering if the carbon black can be sold. The steel most certainly can be, and you know now what you’re going to be doing with the tire oil. So let’s take a closer look at carbon black and what you might do with it as well.

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

Waste Tyre Recycling Plant

If you plan to treat the carbon black from the tire pyrolysis plant, it can be used to help produce what’s called activated carbon. That’s not even close to being the entire story, however, as it has many other uses as well. For example, it can be used to make color paste and oil ink. If you are a producer of rubber and plastic products, it can be used as an additive. Color master batch is another option you have as well.

You would want to first look into your own options for putting the three products produced to work for your facility. If you’re not able to use them all, what are your other options? If you don’t recycle steel, then you can certainly sell the steel for extra income. The oil that isn’t used can be refined, and then you might be able to sell the fuel. Or perhaps there is a local business that can use the oil itself.

tire pyrolysis plant

Tire pyrolysis plant

If you look hard enough, you would think that all three products could be used in some way. People need carbon black for commercial use, and so that substance is going to come in handy. And you already know that one thing the oil can do is power your machine. You can’t beat that because the machine effectively continues to run itself after your investment.

Waste tyres take up a lot of space, and many of them eventually end up in a landfill. At that point, it’s about much more than the space. The chemicals are going to pollute the environment. A waste tyre recycling plant can make a big difference. The tires are then recycled into three main products. Those three products were discussed earlier, and they come with many benefits.

The cost of pyrolysis plant is what you’re going to want to look into next. They come in all sizes with various capacities. You will want to buy the one that is best for your operations, and you have a budget in mind for this investment. You might even see this investment turn profitable for you, but of course it’s first not about the money. You’re going to be making a difference when it comes to those waste tires and the environment.

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